Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-27-13

We had a super fun group of 14 out today for our Green Lake Litter Patrol.  There was a 5-k Pumpkin Run around the lake with costumed runners in full regalia. Each week we are so lucky to enjoy the wonders of Green Lake Park. Please come on out and join us any Sunday. Thanks

GLLP   10-27-13

GLLP 10-27-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-20-13

Outstanding group of 13 out today for a Green Lake Litter Patrol. The park was the cleanest that I have seen it our time litter patrolling around Green Lake Park. Seattle Parks & Recreation has done a marvelous job maintaining the park. They deserve our collective appreciation for their efforts. Please come out and join us for a litter patrol any Sunday. Have a wonderful week!

GLLP   10-20-13

GLLP 10-20-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-13-13

Super crew of 11 out today for Green Lake Litter Patrol. We had 3 hard working patrollers come out from Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. It is fun to have such a diverse group create new friendships as they traverse the park. Green Lake Litter Patrol welcomes the support of all of our new friends. Please come out and join us for a litter patrol!

GLLP  10-13-13

GLLP 10-13-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-6-13

A foggy start & sunny finish to this weeks Litter Patrol at Green Lake Park. We had six volunteers join in for a productive patrol. The highlight for me this week was seeing some kids climbing in a tree. As Fall weather approaches the park takes on a different pallet of colors. Come out and join us.. Thanks!

GLLP  10-6-13

GLLP 10-6-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-29-13

A rainy and windy litter patrol out at Green Lake Park. Many trees were split or knocked down. Branches were everywhere. Our group of 4 brave volunteers weathered the storm and picked up multiple bags of litter. We all still have to be vigilant in our goal to keep Green Lake Park litter free. Please join us! Our volunteer organization is depending on you!! We are at Green Lake Park every Sunday rain or shine. Thanks!

GLLP  9-29-13

GLLP 9-29-13


Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-15-13

Drizzly and foggy day at Green Lake Park for another productive litter patrol. Our 10 volunteers removed a few bags of litter per person. Each week our crew scours the park for the big litter but also for what I call “micro litter.” Please come out and and join us for a litter patrol. You will be glad you did!

GLLP  9-15-13

GLLP 9-15-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-8-13

It was another outstanding September day for our Green Lake Litter Patrol.  A hardworking group of 10 energetic volunteers came out for a very productive clean up. Our team picked up over 20 full bags of litter. There was a race around the park with over 2000 runners this morning too. Green Lake Park was brimming over with life today! Please come on out and join us!

GLLP  9-8-13

GLLP 9-8-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-1-13

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone. We had a small crew of 7 out for the long weekend litter patrol. Each and every week our bags get filled up with all kinds of debris as we walk Green Lake Park. I was talking to a couple that walk the park each week. Thinking that the park is so clean until they see us walk by with full bags. As a community we need to focus our efforts demanding a clean litter free environment. Please join us to stamp out litter!! Join us any Sunday at Green Lake Park. Help us grow to other neighborhoods  & parks. Thanks

GLLP  9-1-13

GLLP 9-1-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-25-13

It was an outstanding day out at Green Lake Park today for our 10 volunteer crew. We always have a splendid mix of high schoolers, college students up to senior citizens join our community service project. Our weekly diligence has been paying off for the park. Unfortunately, the amount of cigarette butt litter never seems to decrease.  Please join us for a litter patrol any Sunday. We need your help!  Thanks

GLLP  8-25-13

GLLP 8-25-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-18-13

Green Lake Park was cleaner than we have seen it in a long time. Our 9 patrollers all noticed that there was much less litter than normal. We would love to have such easy litter patrols each week. Our mission of a litter free Green Lake Park is obtainable if we all pitch in. Please come and join us for a litter patrol. We need volunteers to take on other parks or areas of Seattle.

GLLP  8-18-13

GLLP 8-18-13

Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-11-13

Today our 12 person crew of litter patrol volunteers accomplished a great deal of clean up at Green Lake Park. The warm days of Summer brings a lot of litter to the grounds and lake.  Each week we are fortunate to have so many fine, thoughtful  and hard working people join us. Keeping the grounds around Green Lake Park litter free is important on so many levels. As  a community we can make a difference together. Please come on out and be a part of our team!

GLLP   8-11-13

GLLP 8-11-13


Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-4-13

There was another tremendous gathering today for our Green Lake Litter Patrol. We had our youngest patroller to date: 1-year old- she was in a supervisory position of a small crew of patrollers. She did an outstanding job!  In all we had 22 volunteers show up today.  Each week we are grateful to have so many wonderful people volunteer to help clean up Green Lake Park. Our efforts are paying off but we still need your help on a weekly basis. Please come out and join us at the lake. You will be glad you did!

GLLP  8-4-13

GLLP 8-4-13