Green Lake Litter Patrol 12-9-12

Super Crew 12-9-12

December weather does not stop our weekly patrols at Green Lake park. I feel so honored that our incredible volunteers jump in, search out and pick up so much litter each week. Especially the debris along the edge of the lake that effects the wildlife and water quality. We are appreciative […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-21-12

Our Hearty Crew, October 21st

We had 14 hearty litter patrollers out today at Green Lake for a very productive patrol. I am so proud of these amazing volunteers who show up regardless of the weather forecast. It was chilly  but the rains held off again for us.  Peet’s Coffee and Tea warmed us up […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-9-12

Fortuna, Peter, Anna & Calvin

We had a fabulous litter patrol with so many wonderful volunteers showing up today. Four students from Ingraham High School : Calvin Kolver, Anna Mulia, Fortuna G-Sellassie, Peter Le, thanks so much!!  Lori Lizotte, Gene Counts, Cheri & Peter Kopp, Lian Zhou & her daughter Marguerite, Todd. Lori found a […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-19-12

Jeff & Lori cleaning up the shoreline

It was a great week for Green Lake Litter Patrol starting with the wonderful article in the Seattle Times written by Nicole Brodeur. Today Green Lake park was a mess and it took every bit of our 3 hours to get things back in shape. We even borrowed a boat […] Read more »