Green Lake Litter Patrol 12-2-12

Jud, Peter & Gene

The Sun was shining as we started our litter patrol today at Green Lake Park.  Jud, Peter, Gene & Todd made a good crew and picked up 11 full bags of bottles, cans, plastic and misc debris. Our effort to clean out the areas hidden by summer foliage is producing […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-7-12

Marjorie, Lian, Peter, Landuber, Bente, Jeff

We have been lucky to have so many consecutive sunny Days for our litter patrols around Green Lake. We had good group of volunteers: Jeff, Lian, Margorie, Peter, Bente, Landuber & Todd. Between us we picked up about 15 bags full of cans, bottles, paper, plastic etc.. There is still […] Read more »