Green Lake Litter Patrol 7-29-12

G. Todd Young, Greg Mahar, Issa Sirichakwal & Lian Zhou

We had a splendid time today doing our Litter Patrol around Green Lake. Issariya  (Issa)  Sirichakwal & Lian Zhou stopped me in the parking lot and volunteered on the spot to join Greg Mahar, Gene Counts and myself for todays patrol. Issa & Lian are absolutely awesome for jumping right in and […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 7-22-12

The Crew in front of Peet's Coffee & Tea -Green Lake

It was another fabulous day for a Green Lake Litter Patrol. Lori Lizotte, Jeff Ewing and Sherri Dickson joined in for a terrific 11 garbage bag effort.  Sarah Armstrong- Manager- of Peet’s Coffee & Tea- Green Lake store found us on the EveryBlock blog site and offered to provide us […] Read more »