Green Lake Litter Patrol 4-28-13

Patricia & Conner 4-28-13

We had a good crew of volunteers today cleaning up litter at Green Lake Park. There was a 5-km race around the park providing lots of activity. The highlight of the day was seeing numerous ducklings around the lake. There were also numerous families fishing. Please come out and join […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 4-21-13

Issa always has a smile on his face

We had a rainy but eventful litter patrol today out at Green Lake Park. It is inspiring to have high school kids join us to participate in community service. Life long community is important! Our volunteers picked up all kinds of litter from all over the park. Please come out […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 2-3-13


Thanks to our friends from the University of Washington, ESRM 100 program. They have been a continuous source of volunteers. Each week we have had so many volunteers from all walks of life and ages. We are also thankful to Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Their service and support is much appreciated. […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 1-27-13

1-27-13 Litter Crew

Great crew of 9 volunteers came out today for our 80th litter patrol at Green Lake park. High school & college students collecting community service hours. All the new patrollers are amazed at the amount of litter we pick up. Boat House Coffee Shop was so gracious to supply us […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 12-16-12

Boat House Coffee Stop!

As Winter moves into Seattle- Green Lake Litter Patrol is busy cleaning the hard to reach areas around the lake. We are pulling out litter that has been there for years and it feels really good. Our determined volunteers are braving cold and rainy weather to really make a difference […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 12-9-12

Super Crew 12-9-12

December weather does not stop our weekly patrols at Green Lake park. I feel so honored that our incredible volunteers jump in, search out and pick up so much litter each week. Especially the debris along the edge of the lake that effects the wildlife and water quality. We are appreciative […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 11-4-12

Super Crew 11-4-12

We had a great group of 10 volunteers today for a very productive litter patrol around Green Lake Park. It is amazing that we are still picking up 2-3 bags of litter a piece as we circle the lake. Peet’s Coffee & Tea is always so gracious to supply us […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-28-12

Our Ingraham High School Superstars

It was an exciting day at Green Lake with a Halloween Fun Run for grown ups and kids. Lots of fun costumes. We had a strong group of 7 volunteers jump in and picked up 10 full litter bags. I was walking and saw a smoker drop a cigarette on […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-21-12

Our Hearty Crew, October 21st

We had 14 hearty litter patrollers out today at Green Lake for a very productive patrol. I am so proud of these amazing volunteers who show up regardless of the weather forecast. It was chilly  but the rains held off again for us.  Peet’s Coffee and Tea warmed us up […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 10-7-12

Marjorie, Lian, Peter, Landuber, Bente, Jeff

We have been lucky to have so many consecutive sunny Days for our litter patrols around Green Lake. We had good group of volunteers: Jeff, Lian, Margorie, Peter, Bente, Landuber & Todd. Between us we picked up about 15 bags full of cans, bottles, paper, plastic etc.. There is still […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-16-12

GLLP Group 9-16-12

Huge day for Green Lake Litter Patrol- We had 15 volunteers join today. The ages started at 7 and went up to 65. We are all about having participation from all age groups. The walkers & runners at Green Lake really stepped up and gave “many thanks” as they passed […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 5-27-12

Lisa & Jodi

I had 2 great volunteers for this Memorial Day weekend Litter Patrol. Jodi visiting from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Lisa her childhood friend from Cincinnati, Ohio who has lived in Seattle for 30 years.  I went to high school with Jodi and have not seen her since graduation. As […] Read more »