Green Lake Litter Patrol 8-4-13

GLLP 8-4-13

There was another tremendous gathering today for our Green Lake Litter Patrol. We had our youngest patroller to date: 1-year old- she was in a supervisory position of a small crew of patrollers. She did an outstanding job!  In all we had 22 volunteers show up today.  Each week we […] Read more »

Green Lake Litter Patrol 9-9-12

Fortuna, Peter, Anna & Calvin

We had a fabulous litter patrol with so many wonderful volunteers showing up today. Four students from Ingraham High School : Calvin Kolver, Anna Mulia, Fortuna G-Sellassie, Peter Le, thanks so much!!  Lori Lizotte, Gene Counts, Cheri & Peter Kopp, Lian Zhou & her daughter Marguerite, Todd. Lori found a […] Read more »